300th Anniversary Committee & Event Information

South Kingstown's Historical Timeline

created by Jessica Wilson, M.L.I.S, Local History and Reference Librarian at the Peace Dale branch of the South Kingstown Public Library

Watch Our Town: South Kingstown

300th Scarecrows for SK
Bridge Ceremony
Governor picture
Reed picture
Bridge Ceremony with signage
Bridge Ceremony with Councilman Marran
Bridge Ceremony
Oral History Panel
300th group
Rodman Tribute
300 Team
SK 300 Kiosk
SK 300th Painting
300th Coin Photo
300th July 4th
SC Health July 4th
July 4th Fireworks
July 4th field
Parade Stand
Parade Review Stand

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  1. Joanne Esposito

Volunteers Needed! 

Please click on the link to volunteer your time.  A member of the committee will follow up with you.

300th Anniversary merchandise is now available at all 300th sponsored events! 300th Flyer Speakers Updated Opens in new window

Event Information

300th Anniversary Yearlong

Credit photo: Friends of the Saugatucket

February 2023 BonFire

Speaker Series Lineup

2023 SK 300th Speaker Series Flyer
Medal of Honor Banner
Medal of Honor
300th Medal of Honor Banner
Medal of Honor Ceremony Picture
Medal of Honor Ceremony Picture
Medal of Honor Ceremony Picture
Kiosk with flyers
300th Sign Lighting
Class with Letters
Tree Lighting Sign Daylight
Wooden Planter Box
Tree Lighting crowd
Class with Planter Box
BankRI with SK300 box
300th Committee with merchandise
300th Street Painting
URI float
300th unveiling
300th group
Music at unveiling
Tree Lighting Picture4
300th Sign Lighting
Tree Lighting Picture3
Pre Parade Photo
Pre Parade Photo
Pre Parade Photo
300th Event Photo
300th Event Photo
300th Event Photo
Medal of Honor Ceremony Senator Reed
Medal of Honor Ceremony
Medal of Honor Ceremony Picture
Medal of Honor Ceremony Picture
Medal of Honor Ceremony Picture
Governor Medal of Honor Ceremony

Celebrations & Year-long Events

Date Time Event Location Sponsors
10/5/23 7pm Speaker Series - Joanne Pope Melish SKHS Auditorium Shaw's Market & Panera Bread
10/12/23 7pm Speaker Series - Kris Bovy, Cathy DeCesare & Rod Mather SKHS Auditorium Shaw's Market & Panera Bread
10/22/23 1-4pm Scarecrows for SK Saugatucket Park BankRI
10/25/23 4:30-6pm "Ostara" Public Art Installation Unveiling Village Green  
10/28/23 3-8pm Harvest Moon Bonfire Town Beach DiStefano Brothers Construction
The Ryan Center
The Village of Matunuck
11/2/23 7pm Speaker Series - Richard Vangermeersch, Ph.D. SKHS Auditorium Shaw's Market & Panera Bread
11/11/23 10am Veteran's Day Parade    
TBD   Congressional Medal of Honor Bridge Naming    
11/16/23 7pm Speaker Series - Betty J. Cotter SKHS Auditorium Shaw's market & Panera Bread
12/1/23 5:30-6:30pm Village Green Tree Lighting Village Green Prout School & The Village of Worden's Pond
12/2/23 TBD Kingston Village Holiday Fair    
12/12/23 7pm Final Speaker Series - James Manni, Town Manager SKHS Auditorium Shaw's Market & Panera Bread
12/14/23 5:30pm SKHS Holiday Concert -Reception/Speaking Program followed by concert at 6:15pm   Geaber Family & Wakefield Mall

Projects in the Works:

  • Banners and Lawn Signs
  • Commemorative Benches
  • Commemorative Magazine
  • Fundraising
  • Garden Boxes
  • Media Plan
  • Narragansett Pier Railroad Brochure
  • Oral Histories / Videos - Sponsored by Kevin & Chantell O'Neill
Logo on Walkway
February 2023 BonFire

SK’s Year-long Celebration includes the following collaboration: 

  • Town Council, Town Manager, and Town Departments and Commissions (Library, Police, Fire, Facilities, Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Finance, IT Services, Clerk)
  • South Kingstown School Committee and Schools - including the Peace Dale Elementary School Centennial
  • URI and the Ryan Center
  • Federal/State/Local Elected Officials
  • Elks Lodge of Wakefield
  • Rotary Club of Wakefield
  • SK Lions Club
  • GEAR Productions
  • Local Businesses and Organizations
  • Local Churches
  • Kingston Chamber Music Festival - 35th Anniversary
  • Kingston Troop 1 – Centennial 
  • Narragansett Indian Tribe
  • Peace Dale Museum of Art and Culture – 130th Anniversary
  • RI Suburban Newspapers
  • South County History Museum
  • SK Land Trust – 40th Anniversary
  • Tomaquag Museum

Mission Statement:

The South Kingstown Town Council established the 300th Anniversary Steering Committee to highlight the town's 300th (1723-2023) anniversary milestone.  The committee - which is composed of resident, business, and student volunteers, as well as those from cultural, educational, faith-based, civic, military, and nonprofit organization will meet monthly, and as needed, beginning Fall 2021 through late Fall 2023 to plan, market, and implement multiple commemorative programs, projects, and events.  Through a year-long array of diverse programming, the committee will highlight the town's rich past and treasures; celebrate the achievements of its people; and create a legacy of memorable, perennial, philanthropic, and creative opportunities for engaging its residents and visitors. The aim of this year-long anniversary celebration is to build greater understanding and appreciation for what makes South Kingstown truly special.

Committee Members:

Ron Bergeron, Ken Burke, Jack Cadman, Margaret Carlson, John Desmond, Roland Fiore, Meag Foy-Anderson, Sharon Henderson, Aiden Hurley, Sean Johnson, Tim Klatt, Karmen Lambert, Beth Leconte, Hilly Munson, Terry Murphy, Aidan O'Sullivan, Ginny Paul, Mark Phillips, Sean Seigel, Brian Smith, Steve Stewart, Philip Telford, and Henry Thayer.

Vice Chair: Kate Sullivan
Chair:  Joanne Esposito 

Honorary Chairs: Native American Tribal Member, Sandra Pates, Bishop Wallace Hazard, Retired R.I. Supreme Court Justice, Gilbert V. Indeglia, and Military War Veteran, Joseph “Tiger” Patrick