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1. How do I register for a recreation program?
2. How do I pay for a Recreation Program?
3. How do I inquire about information regarding financial aid availability for Rec Programs?
4. How do I learn if a Recreation Program has been canceled or postponed?
5. How do I find out about what is going at Parks and Recreation?
6. How do I learn more about the Recreation Department refund policy?
7. How do I become a program instructor?
8. How do I learn more about Parks and Recreation programs and resources within the community?
9. How do I rent an outdoor town facility?
10. How do I reserve an indoor facility?
11. How do I find out directions to one of your parks or facilities?
12. How do I learn more about volunteering opportunities in Parks and Recreation?
13. How do I contribute a financial donation, item, or in-kind service to the Recreation Department?
14. How do I sponsor a special event?
15. When does the summer brochure come out
16. When are the Town Memorial Day and Veterans Day Parades?