Can I use the facility any time I’d like?
The Recreation Center is open to the public however, like the Neighborhood Guild, the building will be scheduled with a variety of youth and adult recreation programs, interscholastic athletics, and local youth league activities during various times of the day. The Rec. Center brochure, which will be available around mid-April, will note “drop-in” times for use of the courts, team room and walking track.

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1. Where is the Rec Center located and what is the phone number?
2. What are the hours of operation?
3. Can I use the facility any time I’d like?
4. Is there a membership fee?
5. Can non-residents use the facility?
6. How do I know when a court or the walking track is available for drop-in use?
7. How do I reserve/rent a room or court? And how much does it cost?