Where does the Town advertise?
The Town advertises available positions on our website, in the local paper The Independent, as well as with various job posting websites and list serves. The Town may also share job postings via the Town's social media pages. In some instances, positions are also posted through professional organizations associated with the position. Some positions are open until filled, others note a defined posting end date. All application materials are reviewed, and then potential candidates are identified and invited for an interview.

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1. Does the Town have any job openings?
2. Where does the Town advertise?
3. How often do positions become available?
4. I already work for the Town of South Kingstown, how do I apply for another position?
5. Where can I get an application?
6. How do I apply for a job?
7. Can I use Google Drive (or another cloud based shared drive) to send my application materials?
8. What happens after I apply?
9. Where can I learn more about employee benefits?
10. Will I have a background check?
11. I had an interview, what happens next?
12. I want to be a Police Officer for the Town, how can I apply?
13. I want to be a Paramedic for the Town, how can I apply?
14. How can I learn more about the Town of South Kingstown?