About Your Water

The water supplied to our customers is purchased from SUEZ Water Rhode Island (SUEZ).

Source Water

The water provided is entirely from groundwater sources. UWRI has 6 gravel packed wells which range in depths from 45 feet to 100 feet.

Water Treatment

Water treatment includes chlorination, pH adjustment, corrosion control and aeration. Chlorine gas is used in the well fields to purify the water. Water is also aerated in the well field to make the water less corrosive. Lime is added for pH adjustment and zinc orthophosphate is added for corrosion control.

Water Quality

Each year, a water quality report called the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) is mailed to South Shore and Middlebridge customers. Don't hesitate to call the Water Division office at 401-789-9331, ext. 2257 if you have any questions or would like the report mailed to you.

Water Testing

Bacteriological sampling and testing of the water system is done twice a month and analyzed by the Rhode Island Department of Health. Source water testing is performed as required and in accordance with the Rhode Island Department of Health protocol www.mysuezwater.com