FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM)

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has released new Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) for the coastal areas of the Town of South Kingstown effective October 16, 2013.

FEMA Map Service

Impacted are 14 of the 31 FIRM panels, which cover areas along the shoreline and coastal salt ponds in the Town. These changes can affect the amount and type of federal flood insurance property owners in these areas are required to carry. The FEMA map service is available online. This will allow you to search by address (e.g. 180 High Street, Wakefield, RI 02879) and create and save a FIRMette map if needed.

Property owners are encouraged to review the flood maps to learn about their flood risk and identify any concerns or questions about the information provided.

Mapping Tool

The Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency (RIEMA) has released the Rhode Island Floodplain mapping tool that has been developed to further educate the public about flood risks for specific areas or properties.

Insurance Requirement

If you have a mortgage from a federally-regulated lender and you are mapped into a Special Flood Hazard Area, then by federal law, your lender must require you to carry flood insurance when these flood maps become effective. Please also note that the determination of your property’s flood zone is approximate, and that the final flood zone determination for flood insurance purposes is the responsibility of your mortgage lender and the insurance company writing the flood policy.