Program Description

The Public Services Department is charged with overseeing and enforcing the mandatory on-site wastewater management inspection program passed by the Town Council on October 15, 2001. This program is being phased in over a 7 year period and requires a mandatory First Maintenance Inspection of all Individual Septic Disposal Systems (ISDS) and Cesspools. Based on the results of the initial inspection, a schedule for future inspections and pump outs will be established. Property owners are contacted by mail when they are due for a first maintenance inspection, a follow-up inspection or a routine pump out.


All cesspools are considered to be malfunctioning systems and shall be replaced with an on-site wastewater system which conforms with current state and local standards within 12 months after the sale of a property or within 5 years of the date of the First Maintenance Inspection, whichever date comes first.

Low Interest Loan Program

The Town of South Kingstown offers a low interest loan program for the repair or replacement of on-site wastewater systems and cesspools. Find more information on the South Kingstown Community Septic Loan Program.

Please call the on-site Wastewater Management office at 401-789-9331, ext. 2250 if you have questions regarding the inspection program.