Pretreatment Program

The Town of South Kingstown Pretreatment Program is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandated program. The goal of the program is to protect the Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility and the environment from the adverse impact that may occur when hazardous or toxic wastes are discharged into the sewer system.

This protection is achieved mainly by regulating non-domestic users of the sewer system that discharge toxic wastes or unusually strong conventional wastes. The Town has established pretreatment regulations that control pollutant discharges to the sewer system, and these regulations are called Local Limits. Local Limits regulate the quantity of different pollutants which non-domestic users are allowed to discharge to the sewer system.

Additional Information

For more information on the Preteatment Program, click here to view the Wastewater Management Ordinance (Chapter 19, Article II). See Section 19-90 to view the Local Limits, or contact the Town's Pretreatment Coordinator at 401-788-9771.