Obtaining a House Number

House and building numbers are assigned based on precise measurements from the street to your front door (or driveway opening if your house is not visible from the roadway). These measurements are standardized to assist emergency vehicles in responding to calls.

Private or State Road

To obtain a number for a new house on a private or state road, click on the attachment below to download an application. Please submit the application with a site plan showing the house and driveway location. There is no fee for obtaining a house number for a private or state road.

Town Road

House numbers for new construction on a town road are assigned when your Town Licensed Contractor applies for a Right of Way Physical Alteration permit. A site plan showing the house and driveway location must be submitted with the application, in addition to a $10 application fee. Download a Right of Way Physical Alteration permit (PDF).

House number requests take a minimum of 2 business days to process.

If you have any questions regarding assignment of a house number, please call the Engineering Division at 401-789-9331, ext. 2250. Applications should be submitted to the Public Services Building:
509 Commodore Perry Highway
Wakefield, RI 02879