Facility Use Policy

The following Facility Use Scheduling Policy will be utilized by the Parks and Recreation staff when determining priority usage of Recreation Commission and the town owned recreation facilities. All priority 2, 3, 4 and 5 groups will be required to complete a facility use form. The facility use scheduling policy may only be modified by the approval of the Recreation Commission.

Priority 1 Group

South Kingstown Parks and Recreation classes and programs

Priority 2 Group

South Kingstown School Department classes and programs

Priority 3 Group

(First Priority) South Kingstown youth sports leagues (defined as at least 50% of participants from South Kingstown, open tryouts, and all participants are allowed to play), and (Second Priority) Prout School

Priority 4 Group

  • Non-profit organizations
  • Residents

Priority 5 Group

  • For profit
  • Non-resident use

Facility Use Preference

Facility use preference within a priority group will be given to programs with the highest percentage of South Kingstown residents participating in the activity.

Facility Use Charges

Priority groups 1, 2, and 3 will not be charged for facility use or maintenance of the respective facility(s). Priority group 4 and 5 will be charged facility use rental fees listed in the fee policy.

Modifications to Approved Facility Requests

The Director has the authority to modify and/or rescind an approved facility use request if it is determined to be in the best interest of the Town of South Kingstown. However, every effort will be made to locate suitable substitute facilities for the respective group.

Insurance Requirements

South Kingstown Parks and Recreation may request $1,000,000 general liability coverage from facility users. The Town of South Kingstown will be listed as additional insured on all policies.

Right to Deny Use

South Kingstown Parks and Recreation reserves the right to deny the use of a facility(s) if the activity is deemed inappropriate or may cause damage to the facility.

Field Maintenance Fees

A $20 weekday or $30 weekend facility preparation charge may be charged to prepare an athletic field for play for Priority Group #4 and #5.

Building Maintenance Staff

A building maintenance staff person may be required to be present at large functions occurring at the Neighborhood Guild. The user group will be responsible for paying the $8 per hour charge for the maintenance staff member.

Facility / Equipment Fee Discount

All South Kingstown non-profit organizations are entitled to a 50% reduction in facility and equipment use fees provided the respective organization provides a letter verifying non-profit status and the facility/equipment will be used to help raise funds for South Kingstown charitable causes. This letter must accompany the facility/equipment use form and be provided a minimum of two weeks in advance of the event.

Facility Use Requirement - South Kingstown Youth Sports Teams

In order to receive free use of facilities, Priority 3 users (South Kingstown youth sports leagues, Prout) must have at least one South Kingstown team participating in the respective league or tournament. South Kingstown Recreation Commission approval is required for all exceptions to this policy.

Waiver Of Fees For Towns

Facility and equipment use fees will be waived for other Rhode Island towns provided that the respective town(s) reciprocate by waiving all use fees when our department utilizes their facilities/equipment.

Special Events on South County Bike Path

The South County Bike Path can be used for community special events under the following stipulations:
  1. The bike path will remain open for public use during the event.
  2. Competitive races (foot or bike) are not allowed on the bike path. Allowable events include walk-a-thons and bike-a-thons to raise funds for local, non-profit organizations.
  3. Events must end by 10 a.m.
  4. Volunteers must be positioned every mile to notify path users of the event.
  5. The Police Department must be consulted regarding the need for officers at major intersections. The special event organizers will be responsible for paying for all police department personnel.
  6. The start / finish of the event cannot be within one-half mile of the bike path to prevent a 'bottleneck' on the path.
  7. Signage must be installed on the bike path a minimum of one week prior to the event notifying path users of the event. All signage must be removed by the organizers immediately following the event.
  8. A facility use permit must be filed with the Parks and Recreation Department, and the required insurance certificate must be provided.
  9. A bike path ranger will be on-site during the event.