Human Service and Outside Agency (HSOA) Fund

HSOA Program Funds Available

Applications are currently being accepted for HSOA funding.  Please see the details below for more information.  

Date Available Applications Due Total Funds Available Application Link
January 8, 2024 February 5, 2024 $180,000 +/- 2025 HSOA Application

HSOA Grant Program Overview

Each year the South Kingstown Town Council allocates funds through the annual budget to provide grants to human service organizations and outside agencies that provide a wide range of services and support initiatives that benefit residents of South Kingstown.  Human service organizations are locally based non-profit agencies that support individuals who are low income, elderly, living with disabilities, victims of abuse, or experiencing life challenges. Agencies that typically receive funds include human service organizations, health clinics, senior citizen programs, congregate meal centers, low-income housing partnerships, domestic violence resource centers, food pantries, and similar organizations that are supported in whole, or in part, by public and/or donated funds. Outside Agencies are local non-profit organizations that engage in projects and initiatives that positively impact members of the South Kingstown community. Agencies that typically receive outside agency funds include neighborhood and/or village associations, veterans’ groups, business support organizations, preservation groups, museums, and similar entities that are supported in whole, or in part, by public and/or donated funds.

Program Goal

The goal of the human service and outside agency grant program is to support local agencies that provide access to programs, support services, projects, and other initiatives that extend beyond the traditional offerings municipal government can, or will, provide to South Kingstown residents.

Application and Award Process

Applications to the HSOA program are typically accepted January through February of each calendar year.  The application is in a form fillable template with basic information required regarding proposed initiatives to be funded and organizational information. Applications are reviewed for completeness and presented to the Town Council in early March at a budget workshop session. Applicants are afforded the opportunity to briefly review their grant request at the workshop and answer questions posed by Town Council members. Once award recommendations are made by the Town Council a total HSOA grant program funding allocation is adopted as part of the Town's annual operating budget.  

Awards and Funding Process

Organizations and agencies that are awarded funds are notified after start of the Town's fiscal year on July 1st.  The HSOA coordinator will contact awarded agencies with additional guidance regarding funding distribution in July/ August.  Awarded agencies will be required to complete a "Funds Distribution Request" Form and submit it to the HSOA coordinator.  Funds are typically dispersed within 2 weeks of form submission.  Additional details regarding distribution requirements will be provided by the HSOA coordinator following notice of award.