Fire Districts and Water Districts

The Tax Collector’s Office does not collect tax or usage payments on behalf of any Fire Districts or alternate Water providers in the Town of South Kingstown. As such, if you receive services from one of the following, you will need to contact your Fire District or Water provider independently for your account information. 


Fire Districts 

Fire District taxes are due on Real Estate and Tangible tax accounts (not Motor Vehicles). These taxes are collected by the individual Fire Districts in the Town of South Kingstown: 


Union Fire District (

131 Asa Pond Road
Wakefield, RI 02879

Phone: (401) 789-8354


Kingston Fire District (

35 Bill Road

Kingston, RI 02881

(401) 783-6830


Indian Lake Shores Fire District 

(401) 594-9321 


Water Providers 


For individuals who do not receive water from the Town of South Kingstown, 


              Veolia Rhode Island (

              (401) 789-0271 


              Kingston Water (

              (401) 783-5494 


Indian Lake Shores Water 

(401) 594-9321