300th Anniversary Steering Committee

South Kingstown 300th Anniversary

Mission Statement:

The South Kingstown Town Council established the 300th Anniversary Steering Committee to organize and plan the celebration of the Town's 300th (1723-2023) anniversary milestone.  The committee - represented by residents, businesses, students, and cultural, educational, faith-based, civic, and nonprofit organizations will meet monthly, and as needed, beginning in the Fall 2021 through late the Fall 2023 to plan and implement multiple commemorative year-long programs, projects, and events.  

Through a year-long array of diverse programs, the committee will highlight the Town's rich past and treasures, celebrate the achievements of its people, and create a legacy of memorable, philanthropic, and creative opportunities for its residents and visitors alike. At the end of the anniversary celebration there will be a greater understanding and appreciation of what makes South Kingstown truly special.

Committee Members:

Dino Autiello, Susan Axelrod, Ken Burke, Margaret Carlson, Samantha Cullen-Fry, John Desmond, Joanne Esposito, Roland Fiore, Christine Foisy, Meag Foy-Anderson, Murray Gates, Aiden Hurley, Sean Johnson, Tim Klatt, Beth Leconte, Hilly Munson, Terry Murphy, Ginny Paul, Mark Phillips, Jon Rapport, Rachel Rinaldi, Sean Seigel, Brian Smith, Kate Sullivan, Philip Telford and Henry Thayer

Honorary Chairs: Native American Tribal Member, Sandra Pates, Reverend Wallace Hazard, Retired R.I. Supreme Court Justice, Gilbert V. Indeglia, and Military War Veteran, Joseph “Tiger” Patrick

Steering Committee Meeting


Presentation to Town Council on April 25, 2022

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