Route 1 Stewardship Plan Development Committee

Mission Statement

The Route 1 Stewardship Plan Development Committee is an “ad hoc” (special purpose) body of the Town whose mission is to develop a Stewardship Plan for the Route 1 corridor in South Kingstown in order to protect and preserve the scenic character and intrinsic qualities of this State-designated Scenic Roadway. The Stewardship Plan will help to preserve, protect, and promote the historical, recreational, cultural, and scenic attributes of Route 1 while recognizing the primary transportation role of the highway. The Plan may, if the Committee chooses, identify future regulatory amendments the Town may enact to assist in achieving this purpose. 

Route 1 Stewardship Plan Development Committee Charge 

The primary charge of the Committee is to develop and recommend to the Town Council a Stewardship Plan for the Route 1 Corridor that includes: 

  • Developing goals and policies that focus on preserving the scenic qualities that contribute to a positive sense of place and that protect and maintain the scenic character of Route 1.
  • Exploring potential changes that could impact the character of Route 1, including abutting residential and commercial land uses, with a focus on improved aesthetics, reduction on visual clutter, limitations on signage, and suggesting standardized signage designs.
  • Identifying and encouraging design improvements within the boundary of the State right-of-way, including the design of lighting, guardrails, use of native landscaping within medians, and a desire for green infrastructure over traditional stormwater management techniques.
  • Reviewing maintenance practices within the boundaries of the State right-of-way for Route 1 and provide suggestions for RIDOT consideration to help achieve objectives identified within the Plan.
  • Addressing the roles and responsibilities for units of government and other stakeholders with regard to the stewardship of Route 1. This may include identification of possible areas for future regulatory amendments within the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision and Land Development Regulations to further achieve the objectives identified within the Plan.
  • Promoting public appreciation for the historic, natural, recreational, and scenic resources within the Route 1 Corridor that, in turn, generates support for the preservation and stewardship of those resources. 

The Route 1 Stewardship Plan Development Committee shall cease to exist upon adoption of the Stewardship Plan by the Town Council. 


Eleven (11) voting members appointed by the Town Council, seven (7) of whom shall all be residents or owners of property within the Town, and four (4) of whom shall be ex officio members, to include one (1) representative each from the Planning Board, Economic Development Committee, Conservation Commission and Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee. It is intended that the membership provide diverse points of view concerning all of the intrinsic qualities of the corridor. Membership shall include at least four (4) owners of property sharing a lot line with the Route 1 right-of-way, and it is preferred that at least one (1) owner of non-residential property be included. All appointed Committee members should have interest in the Route 1 Corridor and its scenic and intrinsic values. The Planning Department will provide general administrative support for the Committee. 

Term of Appointment: Until adoption of the Stewardship Plan

Maria H. Mack, Planning Board representative 

Larry Fish, Economic Development Committee representative 

J. Vernon Wyman, Conservation Commission representative 

Jenn Judge, Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Commission representative

Karen J. Asher, South Kingstown Land Trust representative

Leslie A. Chouinard 

Myrna C. George

Hope Drury Leeson 

Jill E. Sabo

Karen Marie Votava 

  1. Jason Parker, AICP

    Principal Planner
    Phone: (401) 789-9331 x1245