Canvassing Authority

South Kingstown Town Hall

180 High Street, Wakefield, RI 02879
Phone: (401) 789-9331 Fax: (401) 789-5280

Term of Appointment: 
6 years
Number of Members: 

According to the Election Laws of the State of Rhode Island, the Canvassing Authority shall have and discharge all of the functions, powers and duties of the Town Council concerning nominations, elections, registration of voters and canvassing rights, the preparing and correcting of the voting lists, and other matters relating thereto, which powers are transferred to the local board.

The Town Council appoints members to the Canvassing Authority for six-year terms.

Staff assistance is provided by the Town Clerk.


  • Kristine Bishop Chapman - Chair  
  • Helen Rose DiSanto - Vice Chair  
  • John Patrick Shanley, Jr. - Member  
  • Dale S. Holberton - Town Clerk, Clerk of the Canvassing Authority  
Town of South Kingstown, Rhode Island
180 High Street | Wakefield, RI 02879
Tel. (401) 789-9331 | Fax. (401) 789-5280

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