Resident Information

  1. Cesspools

    Cesspools are considered to be a substandard and inadequate means of on-site wastewater treatment and must be replaced with an on-site wastewater system which conforms to current state and local standards within 12 months after the sale of a property or within 5 years of the date of the first Maintenance (baseline) Inspection, whichever comes first.

  2. Community Septic System Loan Program

    The Town of South Kingstown is offering a low interest loan program for the repair or replacement of on-site wastewater systems and cesspools.

  3. Contact Information / Directions

    Find directions to the on-site Wastewater Management Program Headquarters.

  4. Frequently Asked Questions

    Find answers to questions commonly asked of the On-Site Wastewater Management Program.

  5. First Maintenance Inspection

    Regular maintenance of your septic system will keep your system working efficiently and can prevent costly repairs.

  6. Licensed Septic System Inspectors (PDF)

    Download a list of Licensed Septic System Inspectors.

  7. Procedure to Repair or Replace

    Review the procedure to repair or replace a septic system in the Town.

  8. Program Description

    The Public Services Department is charged with overseeing and enforcing the mandatory on-site wastewater management inspection program passed by the Town Council on October 15, 2001.

  9. Wastewater Management Inspection Schedule (JPG)

    Review a map of the Wastewater Management Inspection Schedule.