Boards & Commissions

  1. Application and Vacancy Information

    Learn about the application process, and obtain the application for consideration of appointment to a Town Board/Commission.

  2. Affordable Housing Collaborative Committee

    The Affordable Housing Collaborative assists the Town Council in overseeing the implementation of and advocates for affordable housing measures identified in the South Kingstown Affordable Housing Production Plan, a component of the South Kingstown Comprehensive Community Plan.

  3. Assessment Board of Review

    The Assessment Board of Review shall hear and consider the appeal of any property owner concerning the amount of his/her assessed valuation as determined by the Town Assessor.

  4. Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee

    The Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) is an “ad hoc” (special purpose) body of the Town whose mission is to promote walking and biking across the community, including but not limited to incorporating the consideration of the needs of cyclists and pedestrians in the Town’s circulation system and infrastructure through education and outreach efforts involving town officials, residents and commercial entities.

  5. Building Code Board of Appeals/Minimum Housing

    The Building Code Board of Appeals hears appeals from aggrieved parties regarding the interpretation, requirements, direction, or failure to act under the State Code by the Building Inspector. This board also serves, when needed, as the Minimum Housing Board of Appeals.

  6. Canvassing Authority

    According to the Election Laws of the State of Rhode Island, the Canvassing Authority shall have and discharge all of the functions, powers and duties of the Town Council concerning nominations, elections, registration of voters and canvassing rights, the preparing and correcting of the voting lists, and other matters relating thereto, which powers are transferred to the local board.

  7. Conservation Commission

    The Conservation Commission promotes and develops natural resources to protect watershed resources, and to preserve natural aesthetic areas, among other functions.

  8. Economic Development Committee

    In order to promote a stable and diversified local economy and enhance the quality of life in South Kingstown, the Town Council appoints an Economic Development Committee to serve in an advisory capacity to the Planning Board and the Town Council.

  9. Historic District Commission

    The Historic District Commission promotes historic preservation in South Kingstown, specifically reviewing projects having an impact on the Kingston Historic District.

  10. Housing Authority

    The Housing Authority of South Kingstown was established on April 24, 1961, to provide and maintain low income housing and housing for the elderly.

  11. Library Board of Trustees

    A Town ordinance enacted June 9, 1975, established a free public library. The Board of Trustees govern and are the legal guardians of the South Kingstown Public Library.

  12. Planning Board

    The Planning Board is engaged in land use development management, which includes a broad spectrum of activities concerning land use, development and the regulations which govern the process.

  13. Recreation Commission

    The Recreation Commission was created to administer and oversee of the Town's parks and recreation program.

  14. Route 138 Reconstruction Project Area Committee

    The Project Area Committee for the Reconstruction of Route 138 serves as an advisory body to the Town Council on matters concerning the planning, design, and construction of Route 138 by RIDOT.

  15. Saugatucket Veterans' Memorial Commission

    The Saugatucket Veterans' Memorial Park Commission was re-established by the Town Council on June 23, 2014. It is the intent of the Town Council that additional names of those residents who have given military service to their Country in time of war or conflict be added in a timely fashion to the Memorial located in the Saugatucket Veterans’ Memorial Park.

  16. South Kingstown Partnership for Prevention

    The South Kingstown Partnership for Prevention is charged to lead the Town of South Kingstown in substance abuse prevention activities by using a variety of strategies and resources in partnership with multiple, specifically required sectors of the community to design and control a multitude of prevention programs.

  17. Sustainability Committee

    The South Kingstown Sustainability Committee (SKSC) is an “ad hoc” (special purpose) body of the Town whose mission is to promote the incorporation of green technologies and behaviors across the community, including but not limited to the proper use of renewable energy resources through research, education and outreach efforts involving town officials, residents and commercial entities.

  18. Technical Review Committee

    The Technical Review Committee (TRC) conducts technical reviews of applications for subdivisions and land development projects subject to Planning Board jurisdiction, and provides an advisory recommendation to the Planning Board.

  19. Trustees of South Kingstown School Funds

    The Trustees of the South Kingstown School Funds is a corporation which was created by an Act of the General Assembly at its January Session in 1911, and is authorized to receive and manage all school and educational funds.

  20. Waterfront Advisory Commission

    The Waterfront Advisory Commission serves as an advisory body to the Town Council on matters concerning the maintenance and development of the Town's property in the coastal zone and the management of recreational and commercial waterfront activities, the preservation of existing shoreline access and the expansion of both physical access and visual and scenic enjoyment of the shoreline by the public.

  21. Zoning Board of Review

    The Zoning Board of Review was established by the Town Charter, Section 4920, and its procedures are governed by the Zoning Ordinance, Article 5.