Listed below are documents related to the Planning Department and are available to the public.  

To download these documents, simply click on the applicable PDF link.

If you would like to purchase a document, please contact the Planning Department at the number listed to the right.

Please note a hardcopy of the Zoning Ordinance can be purchased through the Town Clerk's office.  Please contact them at 401-789-9331 extension 1230.
Documents Download Link Hardcopy Cost
Comprehensive Community Plan (2014) PDF $30.00
Comprehensive Community Plan (2014) CD   $2.00
Harbor Management Plan PDF $15.00
Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan PDF $13.00
Residential Design Manual PDF   $7.00
Subdivision Regulations PDF   $7.00
Zoning Ordinance Online link $30.00
Prior years' Comprehensive Community Plan documents can be found by clicking here or by contacting the Planning Department.