Important Documents

There are a number of important documents that are created throughout the school building planning process.  This includes required reports that are submitted to the Rhode Island Department of Education's School Building Authority (SBA), community presentations, and other related documents.  These documents will be posted and updated throughout the planning process.  


On September 8, 2022 Studio JAED gave a presentation to the Town Council and School Committee highlighting the Stage I Report which is a required document by the RIDE SBA.  This document contains a significant amount of data that establishes the current needs of the school facilities in the district.  The School Committee voted unanimously to forward the Stage I application to RIDE.  This is currently in draft form.  The final document must be submitted to RIDE by September 15, 2022.  

Stage I Front Page


Stage I Presentation - Studio JAED 9/8/22Slideshow by Studio JAED regarding the Stage I report presented to the Town Council and School Committee on September 8, 2022.  
Draft Stage I ReportDraft Stage I needs assessment.  Final due to RIDE by 9/15/2022.
SBC Master Schedule 8/31/22Master meeting schedule approved by the School Building Committee on 8/31/2022.  This document outlines meetings for the Stage II development process through December 2022. 
Initial Planning Options/ Magnitude of Cost for School FacilitiesSlideshow by Studio JAED presented at the SBC's 9/22/2022 regular meeting.  
Draft Bond Impact Analysis ChartsCharts showing the relative cost of various debt amounts for a school improvement project with a prospective state reimbursement of 52.5%.  Presented and the SBC 9/22/2022 Meeting.  
Bond Financing Overview 9/22/22A summary of debt related information presented by the Town's finance director at the SBC 9/22/2022 meeting including the Town's bond capacity, current debt, and other relevant information.  
Potential Impact of Bond FinancingA summary of the prospective impact of debt with state share of 52.5%.  Note that this information is preliminary.